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Voice for Peace


We need help down here on earth

We’ve forgotten prayer,

Our hopes and dreams,

Our own self-worth.

Let’s not live in a world

Where are children are afraid,

Let’s teach them tolerance and love

In hopes for a brighter day.

Someone needs to be the one,

To start a new tomorrow.

Our children need hope for a bright future

Not one full of pain and sorrow.

It may take a thousand prayers,

A million people’s words,

Worlds away, different names,

Yet, as one voice we can be heard.

One voice to start,

May seem so small,

Yet, pierces the silence,

Until we reach them all.

Shall I be the first to say,

I love my life, our God and this land,

Yet, I want to learn from all the world

And make them all my friends.

I may stumble and I may fall,

I will not be set back.

Follow me, reach out with me

Let’s find peace at last.

by Tina DouthatĀ Marreez