Second Novel Underway


I started writing my second novel this past August.  It is proving to be a lot more challenging than my first novel.  The research is  the most difficult, as finding time during the day to read so that I can write at night has been tough.  I am fifty-seven pages into the new novel and 17,000 words.  I kind of came to a halt last night.  I am trying to determine where to go with the story.  I have so much more that I need to read up on before proceeding.  When writing about real people from history, it tends to be a lot harder than writing about someone completely fictional.  Historical fiction has always been what fascinated me, when picking out stories to read, so I figured that is what I should write about, but I believe after this novel, the next one will be completely fictional.  I want to try my hand at something different.  It may be a while before that happens as this story I am writing is progressing slowly.  But, I do believe in the end it will be a fabulous new take on a historical figure.  It’s an idea that hasn’t been done before, so I will keep plugging along until it is amazing.


About tmarreez

I am an aspiring writer. I come from a family consisting of a wide range of individuals. There are priests, nuns, teachers, artists and musicians. I studied Arts Administration at Butler University. I also attended University of Louisvile and St. Louis College at Florissant Valley. I have always been creative in some sort or another. I performed in community theatre, sang in many choirs and also wrote song lyrics. I have written poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember, but have just recently published my first novel.

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