Daily Post: Topic #253 What is your favorite way to procrastinate?


I can think of one million ways to procrastinate, but the biggest obstacle to overcome in getting anything accomplished these days is the computer and Facebook.  Since joining the Author’s Helping Authors group on Facebook, I have spent way to much time reading all the posts, and following links to helpful sites.  I get so wrapped up in reading posts, the time flies and I find that I have accomplished nothing at all that I was supposed to have done for the day.  I should be spending my sparse free time on my second novel, but got stuck on page ten about two weeks ago, and haven’t touched it since.  I think I lost interest in it, and maybe need to move on to something else.  Most likely though, by the time I get through reading and posting on Facebook and my blogs, I am sick of the computer and just can’t stand the thought of being on it anymore.  Sometimes I lose track of time and then I am forced to jump up and hurriedly clean house, wash the laundry and do the dishes before 5:00 pm when my husband gets home.  Just like right now, it’s Saturday, and I should be thoroughly cleaning the house for the week.  So, what am I doing instead?  Blogging.


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