The Black Box


The Black Box

by Tina Douthat Marreez

 She lives within a cold black box.

She sees nothing.

She hears nothing.

She is afraid.

 All at once he comes, and warms her

With his rays like the sun.

He melts away the ice from the box and it opens.

She emerges.

 She sees and hears everything,

As if for the first time.

She opens her arms to him,

And like an eagle she soars.

Then, unexpectedly, though she should have known,

Clouds roll in and shadow her from him.

She plummets down to earth,

And finds herself alone.

 Her heart breaks,

As she slowly turns,

Lifts the heavy lid,

And reenters the black box she calls home.

 She sees nothing

She hears nothing

But, she feels everything.

Her icy wet tears scald her, as they fall from her sun-kissed cheeks.


About tmarreez

I am an aspiring writer. I come from a family consisting of a wide range of individuals. There are priests, nuns, teachers, artists and musicians. I studied Arts Administration at Butler University. I also attended University of Louisvile and St. Louis College at Florissant Valley. I have always been creative in some sort or another. I performed in community theatre, sang in many choirs and also wrote song lyrics. I have written poetry and short stories for as long as I can remember, but have just recently published my first novel.

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